Canon Rebel T2i Holds Off Onslaught Of Expert Criticism

It is a great time to be in the market for a new digital SLR. There are many great cameras to choose from. In the midst of all the competition and claims from others, the Canon Rebel T2i has been a solid performer and continues to satisfy its users.I have personally been involved in camera research and evaluation for a few years now, and it is interesting to compare the expert opinions with those who actually use the products. Sometimes they agree, in fact that is the case more often than not, but the reasons for their agreement do not always match up.For instance, when you read the reviews of the experts, they always take a serious look at the technical details, such as pixel density, user definable auto ISO range, and number of “cross type AF points.” Techy mumbo-jumbo!

Read the user review and you will find real evaluations like, “I love this camera because I can take awesome shots of my daughter’s dance recitals without all the blur of my former camera.”OK, we read the expert reviews to find out whether they think the camera is good. But where the rubber meets the road is what happens when we actually use the camera in real life.That’s why I place more value (or at least the same value) on user recommendations than on technical jargon.If you look at the reviews for the Canon T2i, you will find that the reviewers found some good things and some not-so-good things. But when you read the user reviews, you will see that, with a few minor exceptions that are usually related to some very weird circumstances or disgruntled customers due to shipping and handling, the Canon T2i is an excellent camera.It is especially great for those who are moving up from a point and shoot camera. Those new digital SLR owners are more often than not gushing with praise for their newest acquisition. Read them for yourself at the online camera stores. You will see what I am talking about.

Case in Point: The DPReview conclusion for the Canon Rebel T2i gave the camera a fair grade for performance, but it was the camera’s lowest grade in the evaluation. Yet performance is the reason that most users are happy with about this camera.Go figure.The bottom line is that you need to read both the user reviews and the expert reviews before making your decision to buy or abandon.


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